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IMDb - Julie Voisin

Personal IMDB page
IMDb - The Parakeets

IMDB Film Page of the short "The Parakeets" (2013), directed by Julie Voisin. Cast: Marie Kremer, Julie Voisin, Bruno Debrandt, Mathieu Simonet, Helmi Dridi. Scénario : Julie Voisin Music : Jean Lamoot, Pascal Danae, Baptiste Brondy. Editing : Thierry Brunello.
IMDb - Where the butterflies go...

IMDB Page of the short film "Where the butterflies go..." (2010), directed by Julie Voisin. Cast: Julie Voisin, Mathieu Simonet. Screenplay : Julie Voisin Music : Lila Downs, Micah Paul Hinson. Editing : Thierry Brunello.
IMDb - white-spirit

IMDB Film page of "white-spirit" (2016), directed by Julie Voisin. With: Alexandre Tacchino, MAthieu Simonet, Camille Claris, Mary Corvisier, Mathilde Lange, Isabelle Anciaux and Noémie Wonder. Screenplay : Julie Voisin Rap texts : Alexandre tacchino Music : Lou Cuberte, Laurent Marion, Athmosphere, Kev Brown, Riddle. Editing : Thierry Brunello.
KYNG - series project

Official website of the "KYNG" series project, in development.

Unifrance - Julie Voisin

Page with the links throught the watchable teasers, showreel and films.